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What I post is NOT the sum of who I am.

[X-posted out of pure spite.]

Yaknow what bothers me like an oversized pinecone up the ass? People that assume that the events you put in your journal are the only things going on in your life. So what if I post about someone or something a lot? That doesn't mean I'm talking about or thinking about him 24/7. That doesn't mean I'm obsessive, nor does it mean I have nothing else to think about. If I posted about every fucking minor event in my life, I'd have my brain wired to the computer and post an entry every minute of every day, nonstop, describing things most people probably don't wanna hear about, like the consistency of my shit on any particular day.

Remember the "real" little books that people used to use as diaries? You know, before the cancer of the internet was invented, and people knew how to use pens and pencils? One didn't necessarily write in those books every day, nor did one write about just anything. People want to chronicle the important, meaningful, happy, or funny happenings in their lives, however insignificant they are. It's only natural to highlight and repeatedly remind yourself about these things to keep yourself sane.

So don't anyone dare call me obsessive when it comes to the things I choose to post about. This is a journal, assholes. Consider how your brain works. Do you realize how many times you'll think about one particular thing each hour? How many times a day do you think about how you look? How many times do you worry about your friends or your job? How many times do you wish you could bash some fucknut driver's head in with a pickaxe? Does that mean you obsess over these things? No. The human mind races along at incredible speeds, and topics will repeatedly surface, usually in order of immediate relevance. Study association trees sometime - it's interesting stuff. Try brainstorming in a LJ post one of these days. Just type out exactly what you're thinking at that moment, and go from there, no matter how crazy or irrelevant it may be. As far as journals go, we're free to choose which of these thoughts end up on paper, or in this case, typed out online. LiveJournal, or any journal, is simply a way to record the things we think about.

I'm sick and tired of people complaining about the content of personal journals. Yeah, so it's open to the public. That doesn't mean this is Ed TV, nor am I in any way required to post for an audience. If you feel you need to know all the details, or assume that I am the sum of what I post, you're nothing but a sorry dumbass clusterfuck of an excuse for an obsessive, dick-faced, retarded brainless lump of carbon-based matter with human features gone wrong, and you should be violently dragged out onto a busy highway and shot repeatedly in the face.

If you have a problem with that, go kill yourself. The human gene pool has absolutely no need for your kind.
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