angelhaswings (angelhaswings) wrote in random_ranting,

Oh, I KNOW I'm random.

ok. so. in a better mood today now that I started working at my job which is really awesome and I love it.  but yeah. it's been a good day. and except i really hate my geology class right now.  i don't mind actually going to the class and stuff cause the people are really cool, but actually studying for it is such a pain. we have to do like 2.5 chpts a day if we want to stay ahead. it totally sux. anyway, so i got soooo bored writing chapter outlines today that I started writing in script.  hows that for random? lol. but anyway, I found out that my dog loves wrapping paper tubes.  so we had a fun time playing with that today.  i still hate summer classes thought, definitely never doing it again if i can get away with it.  i sorta failed anatomy and physiology big time first semester this past year ( i'll be a a sophomore in college) so i have to take this stupid class for credit so i can be on track to go to ireland and italy my spring semester of my junior year, which im totally xcited for cos i love traveling.  i think i might wanna do something with international relations once i'm done with school, or i'm thinking somewhere along the lines of child psychology. yayyy. anyway, i'm done with being random for now.  i hope you enjoyed my babble which is much more upbeat than the previous one. :) except my poison ivy's been really itchy and i just want it to go awayyyy.
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